Sunday, September 9, 2007

Naomi's "masterpieces"

My daughter, Naomi, is 6 years old and she has been very interested in my new passion of scrapbooking and card making. Her eyes twinkle when she looks at my nice papers and all the little tools like punches and, of course, the glitter!!.... It doesn't matter that I bought her a huge box of Elmer's glitter glue pens this summer, she still has to use my Stickles!! :-(
She cracks me up because she always refer as what she does as her "masterpieces"... :-)

The problems arise when she starts doing her crafts when I am busy doing something else... This week-end she got a hold of the gift ribbon and proceded to put some everywhere to make the house look good (I still have pieces tied to all the chairs in the dining room...).
I do like that she expresses her creativity but when she decides to use my nice paper for that instead of the construction paper I bought her, I tend to be a little less enthusiastic about her projects!! >:-(
Of course the autistic little guy is also interested.... and he comes and borrows the scissors... Argh! ... >.<
This week-end she made a little frame for her room (under my supervision and with a little help....) with blue paper and stickers of The Little Mermaid... Once she was done she used the paper that the stickers were on and made this original piece of art that you see up there, alongside those little leaf-sandwiches. (That explains why you have a Disney logo there!!)...

I took her 1st "work of art", punched a little hole in it, threaded a ribbon and hung it up as a sun catcher. Of course she got upset that I did so without asking when I thought she would be happy that I showcase her masterpiece... *sigh* but she finally agreed to the display!....

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