Monday, September 17, 2007

Spring is in the air! ;-)

I know, I know, it's fall almost everywhere (except for my friend who lives in New-Zealand ;-))...
I keep seeing Thanksgiving or autumn themes cards or even Christmas cards on most blogs....

But you know what, I live in Florida and we kind of live "backwards".
We stay inside in the summer because it is way too hot to do anything outside (except jump in the pool...) and come winter we get out of our house and start enjoying the cooler weather (70s F, alias 21 C)...we go back to the park and playground and reappropriate the gorgeous surroundings, it's our revival! :-)

So even though I crave Autumn colors and really miss Long island's Indian summers... this card is a little bit of spring!!! Actually the colors were kind of dictated by the green tag pocket I found in a store for school supplies (this is a pocket for library cards) and for whatever reason I was in the mood for daisies today...
So here you have it!! As usual my picture is crooked and not top quality...but you can guess that the daisies are made with 2 layers, one is white cardstock and the second one (that looks grayish on the pics) is actually shimmery vellum paper.

Maybe I should save this card and send it in the middle of the winter to someone who is buried under snow, as a reminder that better days are coming.... ;-)

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