Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The scrapbooking contest

There's a cool new scrapbooking store that opened not too far from here and the owner, Sonja, had a contest a few weeks ago.
She had prepared some kits containing each : 1 sheet of decorative paper, 1 sheet of plain cardstock, 1 embellishment, 2 to 4 pics of her kids.
The requirement was to use everything that was in the kit, we were free to add to that...
I was the 1st one to pick up a kit and I was drown to this beautiful pink paper. The cardstock was white and the embellishment in my kit was a little bottle of stickles! (Glitter glue).

This is the pic of the "finished product"!
There were only 8 contestants and one didn't finish for the deadline so we were only 7. The customers of the store voted...and I was number 3!

I was very happy! I won a magazine and a store discount and am planning to buy a heating tool with it! :-) I have been eying it for a while now, I want to learn how to emboss stamps!...
The funny thing is, I was never a glitter kind of girl, but since I used the Stickles I am crazy about it and use them all the time!! This just goes to show that you never know!!....(especially in scrapbooking!!)....

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Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh I can see why you did so well! This is gorgeous!!


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