Friday, February 22, 2008

In the spotlight: Erika, artist, loving mother and autism advocate....

If you visit my blog, chances are you know Erika Martin!
When I met her through Life Journal last spring, I was just starting to have an interest in stamping and scrapbooking... Seeing her work sure inspired me to just go for it, and I bought my first serious stamps through her...
She is a talented artist and a free spirit, and also a loving mother and autism advocate.
This last days she posted scrapbook pages on her blog : that she made about her son Zach, who is 9 years old and autistic.
Those pages are beautiful (and the pics of Zach are stunning!), but they also tell a story.
They are bursting with emotion and love, and made me cry a river because of course I could hear myself in Erika's words. They highlight so well what life with autism is, the hard times and worries of a mother, and the awe we feel for our kids who never cease to amaze us and teach us something new every day!...♥
When I see her pages it makes me want to publish a book of scrapbook pages made about autistic children, and sell that book to raise money for autism! Who knows, maybe we could do this one day?....

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