Friday, February 29, 2008

Yet another pink princess...

This is a card I made yesterday for my niece, she's 3 and has officially entered the "princess phase"... :-)
I'm not completely happy with the card, I thought for a long time about what could be bugging me and I think it is the pale colors, it's lacking "punch"... (or the fact that I have a hard time with pink princesses!), I think it needs something behind the scalloped oval to sort of "ground" it, and the frog is the wrong green to me... but my daughter said it was beautiful and that her cousin would like it, so I'll trust her judgment on this one! ;-)
I just bought some Soufflé pens (the 3D opaque pens) and I am really disappointed!!! The paper seem to absorb most of the ink (unless you use it on something like pictures), and the 3D effect really is a joke! :-( I'm having much better results just using my regular gel pens...
Maybe I'm just stupid and not using them the right way but I don't see what I could do differently!... :-S


Ana Baird said...

So cute and adorable!

Elizebeth said...

I love the scalloped edge on this. And I totally know what you mean about the souffle pens. I looked at them online and then finally I was in a store that carried them and I asked to try them out. They actually aren't meant to be used on paper.....LAME!!! The gals told me that they work best on hard surfaces, like eggs. This was at a stamp store, so I could not grasp that they wanted me to use a product on eggs and not on paper.
Anyway, so I didn't get them.


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