Sunday, February 3, 2008

In the spotlight: Scrap your trip

I discovered this site today called Scrap your trip ( ).

This site lists all kind of countries or destinations or themes (from Disneyworld or snorkeling/diving!!) and you can find papers and embellishments related to that theme!
How cool is that! :-)

Of course I checked the french section...ah... Paris, Je t'aime!....♥


Elizebeth said...

That's a neat idea to have all the scrapbooking materials grouped by destination. I'll definately have to take a look!

Anonymous said...

I love this place! Scrap Your Trip is a huge on line retailer of scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies. What I LOVE is that they specialize in creating unique in house custom die cuts and custom papers. Everything they have is just wonderful. I have used them for the last 2 years and I am sure that I will shop there for many years to come. Their web address is

Amy Poller


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