Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matryoshka's house

My autistic son has been really into Matryoshkas lately. He found an old Sesame Street video on youtube called "Russian dolls" and he keeps requesting it.
So for Valentine's day I got him... russian dolls! :-)
I wanted to package them in a fun way, so I made a little house...

Now let me tell you, I never make anything this elaborate for Noah because I don't know how long it will last in his hands!! ;-) But I thought for once I would try, and I'm entering it in the February Lettering Delights "Red" challenge. For details about the challenge, check here.

I used the milk carton svg as the body of my house (love this file!) and then the house facade of the Matryoshka dolls' set. I removed some elements and moved the little window so that it would open right in front of the dolls face. The window from the milk carton became a little door...

I added a second house shape in the back. I embossed both of them to make it look like bricks. I cut some grass by hand (yes too lazy to look through my cartridges!!) and added little flowers with brads as centers. Same thing for the front, where I also added a white felt heart and little red felt heart on the window shutters.

On the side of the house I put a little Matryoshka Doll (from the same collection). I used a little felt heart and cut some greenery with a corner punch to make for easy decorations.

One of the smaller sizes of the doll fits right through the little side door... ;-)

I made a little pull-out to carry the box around and keep the top closed by threading a ribbon through a button, and slid it into a hole made with my crop-adile.


Myrna said...

Oh my this is incredably gorgeous. So much time and love went into it and it is very evident.

Bee's hive said...

That is beautiful Bee I bet your son is having wonderful time with it..And is it your birthday today or march 19?

Thienly Azim said...

Good Luck Bee! I really hope that you win!!! You know that I'd choose you if I was the judge :) What a creative project!


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