Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Being french, Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for me... That is until I lived in the US and had kids! ;-) In France Valentine's Day is all about couples (really annoying when you are not in a relationship!), and I was happy to shift the focus back on family. See I don't like being commanded to do something, so to me it is a bit of an oxymoron to HAVE to be all lovey dovey on the 14th and who cares about the rest of the year!... ;-) My poor hubby knows better than to come home with chocolate and/or flowers on the 14th!... LOL (any other day of the year is welcome! ;-)) Actually he did bring an extra bag of Lindor truffles yesterday with the ones I asked him to buy for the teachers... He thought I might eat some while giftwrapping them and then run short!!... Who would do something like that?? LOL...

But anyway... The kids have had to bring Valentine's Day cards to school, and this is what I made this year. Naomi colored hers and I colored the ones for Noah... I found out afterwards that nobody in Noah's class made/brought valentines this year! How weird!?...  :-(
I used the Valentines Tiny Treats stamp set from PTI. I love acrylic stamps, it is so cool to be able to bend and shape them. The base cards are made with the lunch box note die. Love that die... :-)

For Naomi's class

For Noah's class

Isn't that little guy cute? :-)

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Bee's hive said...

I love these!They are darling!And so are you...I know you would never eat the chocolate meant for the teachers, NEVER! I wish you lived closer because you and I would be crafting together daily...


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