Monday, October 22, 2007

Best recycling ever!!!

Ok, you are gonna love this!
Since I started scrapbooking I have been paying (even!) more attention than ever to tissues boxes. I always tried to buy somewhat nice ones anyway but now I actually keep the empty boxes just in case I could do something with the cardboard.
Recently Puffs came out with a new tissue that is Vicks (Menthol & Camphor) scented.
They remind me some great Kleenex tissues we have in France (they're green and strongly scented with Menthol and Eucalyptus!) so I bought a box last time I had a cold...

When the box was empty I checked it out and was delighted to discover that the inside looks like foil. So of course I put it away for a project... :-)
Yesterday I had insomnia (Dr Pepper in the evening does this to me...) and I decided to play with my new toy (Cuttlebug) to lull me back to sleep....
The pics you see right there are the result of embossing or die cutting the tissue box. Pretty cool huh? At the left is the empty box to help you spot it on the shelf of your supermarket ;-)...
I was so happy with my find that I am almost looking forward to my next cold!! (I said almost...)
I just love it when you can recycle something and turn the ordinary into extraordinary!!

What do you think?


Lauren (mytime) said...

OMWord! That IS way cool!! Looks like you got some great things to use now :D
Im off to buy some tissues! LOL!

Lindsay said...

Wow! That's great! Awesome way to recycle that! We go through so many boxes of kleenex around her, with all our allergies, so that's a great use for them!

Brigitte said...

Wowww !! OMG !! wht kind of tissue box would be in metal inside ?? not here in Australia but heyyy sooo cool idea !!
oh by the way so that cuttlebug cuts chipboards too ?? let me know in your next msg

Wife2TJ said...

VERY cool! LOVE the way those letters came out.


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