Saturday, October 20, 2007


Not much to say about this super simple card, I was in the mood for some coloring (with regular colored pencils, since this ink would run with the watercolor ones...)...
I admit the coloring is a bit "childish" but I don't own minerals to blend it all. I hope one day I can splurge on copic markers but they are really too expensive! :-(... I really like the effect they give!
I like the distressed look of the sentiment done by rubbing against the ink pad (yep it's a new cool thing to me ! ;-)) and I went through the troubles of coloring the stamp with my stamps markers so that each element had the color I wanted. I really like that effect, opposed to stamping a monochromatic image. I think it looks more alive that way.
The colors I used for the background were matching a pattern paper I finally decided not to use, oh well!... :-) I like brown lately, it must be the season...
And I resisted the urge to put Stickles all over!... ;-) (it's still itching me though! LOL Especially since it looks even more dull on a picture)

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