Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Missing You

I really wanted to use navy paper today, (blue is my favorite color, in case you still haven't figured that one out... :-)) and I really love this new set of stamps called Carte Postale, which is french themed...

It's a very simple card, I just wanted to showcase my little embossed medallion...
I just wished I had different ribbons in stock...I think a blue organza ribbon would have been nice....it is a little bit plain Jane like that.
I'm sending it in the cards package for the troops, I think it would still be a nice card to send to your wife.
I wanted to make cards for kids but didn't have time :-( but I am sending my Ladybug and my Fluffles and the Flower Power, I think they're all suitable for a little girl. I don't have much for little boys, I guess I should get one of those sets with wild animals, that would be fun! :-)

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