Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lizzie Anne Contest

I told you a few posts ago, about the Lizzie Anne contest.

I don't own any Lizzie Anne stamps (yet, LOL!) and it was the only requirement of the contest. The cards will be donated to Cards for Cancer afterwards.
So Lauren very kindly offered to send me some stamped images of my choice... They arrived yesterday and my card was in the mail this morning. Phew, now that was some deadline!! I hope my card makes it on time!....

I already told you I don't make holiday cards (yet) so I wanted to make one for a change...
I had the vision in my head, so when the images arrived I went right to work. And I already had my background ready, (thanks to playing with my Cuttlebug the day before...).I cut the window (that was the hardest part!!) with my X-acto blade to show the blue paper behind where I drew snowflakes with my watercolor pencil, and I added this tiny little snowman in the low corner... Of course the window is popped on double-sided foam tape, which you can't see from my lousy pic....
The big snowman is also on foam. I didn't have colored Stickles so I decided to use my daughter's 3D glue pens. What a sticky mess, the mittens took forever to dry!! :-S Looks like there is a reason why they make adult versions of that stuff!! LOL
I used gold glitter glue to stiffen the little thread that was holding my mittens so that they don't fall on each other (and stick to each other!).
As usual by clicking on the pic you get a huge version that will enable you to see details if you wish...
I kind of like the result, even though it is a "childish" card (but winter holidays are all about childhood memories for me), but given the time it took (2 hours?) I am nowhere near starting to make that kind of cards in a mass production! Or I would have to start January 1st to have them ready for the following December... I keep telling myself that once I am more experienced I will work faster but so far I am a slow learner! LOL!
ETA: I just checked the winners'cards on Lizzie Anne website... Waow!!!
There was obviously no way I could have been up there but it was a fun experience all the same!... ;-)


Fe-Fe said...

Hi Bee
You asked about how I stuck the paper to the tin on "Sophie's Tin" on my blog. I use "Modge Podge" which is a bit like PVA glue. It does have a tendancy to bubble so you need to keep wiping over the top of it with a tissue until it settles. I know some people prefer to use double sided sticky tape which I have tried but I don't have a steady hand and don't always get the paper on straight first time. With Modge Podge you can slide the paper about a bit if it's not quite right but with double sided tape once it's down it tends not to like being moved. It's just down to personal preference.

If you can get the Provo Craft Band Aid Tins over there, they are good to start practising on as they're small so you won't waste lots of paper if it doesn't quite go right on your first go. Once you've got the hang of getting the paper down and you find which medium works best for you it's easy then move onto the bigger projects. That's how I got started.

Hope that helps. I have to say though that getting the paper down is the hardest bit of the project the rest is easy after that!

Hope you have a go because they make great presents for any occaisions. I've done new baby tins as well as tin's for boys and girls from 4 years up to 9 years and I'm currently working on a Band Aid Christmas Tin.

Good luck with it.
Love Fe x

Crissy said...

I love this card Bee! You did a great job. Congrats on the Cuttlebug (sorry I'm a little late with that!) I have one as well and I love it! Although, sometimes I forget I have it.


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