Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trip down memory lane, bath towels and baby blankets...

So I was on Lauren's blog (, it's the 1st one I visit, almost every day, she is wonderfully inspiring in many ways :-). If you never visited her blog, hop over there, you'll thank me later!
She had posted this beautiful baby frame she just made for her friend and asked what was the most original baby gift we had done.

My 1st thought was "huh, I am not original in my baby gifts..." and since I only just started making cards and such....but then all of a sudden I remembered!!!

I remembered my sewing projects! :-) I made those as baby gifts for my (twins) niece & nephew, then did it again for my niece on the other side of the family.
So I went to fish the pics in my sewing box and scanned them. I didn't have a digital at the time and the picture are not wonderful but it still helps getting a better idea of the end product!....

That was quite an adventure and I'm not sure I knew what I was getting into when I started this!! The sure thing is that when I was done I swore I wouldn't do it again! LOL
It wa hard work and took me forever and I thought it would end up in the trash more than once! The bath towels especially were a nightmare because of the tiny details and the bulk of the fabric.
For the bath towels I bought matching bath towels and handtowels from Martha Stewart (quality plush for the bottoms of my nephew and nieces! ;-)) and I made the hood from the hand towel. It was easier than starting from scratch and I was sure the towel wouldn't fray afterward.
Then I made little animals faces on the towels, a cat and a dog for the twins, a frog for my other niece. Too bad I don't have a picture of the frog, I really liked it! :-( ...
For the baby blankets I did the same thing than done before for my own kids.
I bought cute matching fabrics and white fleece and sandwiched the fleece between the fabric. Then I sewn little random patterns on the fabric so that everything would stay together after it was washed. For the twins I put their initial also. For my niece I didn't even know if it was a boy or girl at the time I bought the fabric so I went with neutrals (gingham with little embroidered dragonflies), and with the leftover fabric I made a little bag holder for plastic bags. Those are really convenient next to the changing table, and pretty easy to make, it's just a tube with elastics at both ends (and a little pocket or 2 just for the fun...). I sure used mine a lot!

Thinking about all that, I remembered I did those blankets for both my babies, and my little guy still likes to snuggle with it at night (it was a baby snoopy fabric). And I also made matching changing table covers, little pillow cases for the little pillow on the changing table.
I even made curtains to block out the light in their room (of course they were not cut straight! LOL) a padded blanket for the baby carriage, a matching padded belt : → in France you can strap the carriage (whitout the wheels obviously) on your backseat using the safetybelt buckles, and the baby has a large padded velcroed belt around his/her belly that's buckled in the sides of the carriage. That allows the baby to be completely flat, like in a crib. I'm sure this would never be allowed in the US!... ;-). And I even made little door holders (with the blankets' fabric's leftovers) so that they can't slam the door and pinch their fingers in there (from a Martha Stewart project)...

So, this made me realize that I made quite some stuff for my babies (and others!), and it made me all happy and proud! *pat on the back*
And it's good because I needed a little mood lift today. ;-)


Lauren (mytime) said...

THUD-Im on the floor!! These are over the top AMAZING!! I would have used mine CONSTANTLY! What an amazing gift!
You should sell these!!!

I purchased very soft handmade burpcloths for my kids-I LOVED them!!! They were so much nicer than store bought, and these are too cute!

I can sew but hate too. But nothing like this. I love get handmade gifts. I hope they got the use they deserved. If they didnt some people may feel they are too cute!

I would happily buy these!! I got some friends due to have babies-if you ever feel like making more-contact me.

WTG!!! Thanks for sharing the photos too.

diane mcvey said...

Those towels are absolutely adorable!!! You did a GREAT job on them, they are SOOOOO cute! Like Lauren said, you could SELL these! What a thoughtful and wonderful gift...I would have LOVED to receive these when my boys were small! (they are all in their 20s now!) Thank you for the link, it was great to read your post on Lauren's blog! Now I have yours marked, as well. Have a great day!

Lindsay said...

Those are *so* cute! :D


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