Thursday, October 4, 2007

The first one...

OK so I was absolutely convinced this card was already on my blog, because it was my 1st experiment with pattern paper, and layering. I didn't have much of the stuff I have now but used whatever little gadgets I had, like the punches and my new embellishments like brads and Stickles! Now it makes me laugh because I put Stickles pretty much everywhere, and I see brads as a basic!! ... ;-)
So this card was kind of a big deal for me !
And it's really funny to see it again because if I was doing it know I would probably come up with something different...
Turns out I didn't put it up here because I didn't want Erika to see it in case she would wander on my blog!
You see, every Friday Erika ( has a "groovy give-away" and I was the very lucky winner of one of those and received a wonderful book from her! :-)
So I was waiting for the book to arrive to send my card and post it here, and then I guess I forgot and assumed it was already there at the very beginning! (probably because I posted it on SCS...)...
P.S: If you are familiar with Erika's blog and her beautiful creations, you won't be wondering why I had to use some kind of glitter on the card... ;-)

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Rebecca said...

Your cards are beautiful. I love this one, the color combo is great!


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