Monday, October 22, 2007

O.M.G I have a Cuttlebug! :-)

My husband is the coolest.... After work yesterday (yes, Sunday) he made a detour to the closest Michaels store because he saw an add with the Cuttlebug on sale and he knew I wanted one as holiday gift...
Turns out this week all Cuttlebug's stuff (as well as Sizzix and Cricut) is on sale 30% off.
So you can't use your Michaels coupon but if you buy more than one thing you really get a great deal right there. Especially since the alphabets cost as much as the machine itself (ouch).
I checked internet and you can find the Cuttlebug for less but then with the shipping it comes to the same or even more...

A few months ago I didn't even know those little machines existed and now I'm like I absolutely need one!!! LOL
At 1st I thought "what would I do with a die cut machine?" Even though I like using the one at my daughter's school when I volunteer there... :-)
What convinced me was the embossing folders. I just LOVE embossed paper, it's one of the most beautiful thing for me, so after trying templates that take forever to rub in I was attracted by the bug..... The great thing also is that you can use the kids' die cuts from the new cuttlekids in the Cuttlebug! So my daughter -who's 6 1/2 and just LOVES all that scrapbooking business ;-)- will be able to use it with me, which was a big selling point for me....

Did I mention how happy I am right now with my little gadget?.... :-D

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Wife2TJ said...

YAAAAY!!! I love mine. can't wait to see what you create with yours!!!


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